Affiliation Serpentine
Rank Warrior
Status Alive

Zoltar is a member of the Venomari tribe, which allows him to generate poison, and a regular combatant at Yang Tavern.


At some point in time, Zoltar became a regular combatant in Mezmo's Slither Pit matches, frequently visiting Yang Tavern in New Ninjago City to fight. 

A Team Divided

Witnessing Kai's battle with Big Dan, Zoltar would challenge the Fire Ninja to a battle, with Mezmo announcing the battle extra as being Fire. Following Kai's proclamation of being the Red Shogun, the two would engage in combat, with Zoltar losing against the Fire Ninja, adding to Kai's list of many victories to come.


  • A Venomari warrior with a head resembling that of an Anacondrai was released in a Ninjago Juniors set, 10725 Lost Temple, in 2015. The minifigure was named "Snake Villain", but many have speculated that the character is really Zoltar, while others call the figure Zoltar because he simply has no name. An excerpt of the book A Team Divided reads, "Introducing our next challenger, Zoltar the Venomari! Zoltar slid into the pit. He had green, shimmery scales with red markings, and long, white fangs." This indicates that Zoltar has a snake tail, considering he 'slides into the pit', which does not match the minifigure released in the Lost Temple set.
    • Despite this, the "snake villain" does have four eyes and wears a strap containing a vial of venom - which are trademarks of the Venomari. The minifigure also has red armor on its arms, chest and legs - in A Team Divided, Zoltar is described as having red markings on his scales. 
  • Zoltar is the only Serpentine to be mentioned and/or debut in Tournament of Elements, with Arcturus first being mentioned in Rebooted.
  • He is also the only named Serpentine to not make an appearance in the show.

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