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This article is about a subject that is canon to the storyline of the LEGO Cinematic Universe.

Affiliation Secret Ninja Force
Weapon of choice Bow and Arrow
Element Ice
First Appearance The LEGO Ninjago Movie
Status Alive
Voiced by Zach Woods
Zane is one of the six Ninja trained by Master Wu in the 2017 movie, The LEGO Ninjago Movie.



Zane has a white ninja gi, with a different design from the other ninja in the trailer. His eyes are bright blue, possibly from being a nindroid as in the TV show. His hair is light blonde and stands up straight in something like a crew cut, and he seems to be very happy and/or energetic. There isn't much else known about him or the other ninja yet, but it is known that they are all master builders, as in The Lego Movie.


Since the Lego Ninjago Movie hasn't actually come out yet, we don't know anything more than what is hinted at in the trailers. Zane looks quite happy, even in a serious circumstances. Perhaps it is just a glitch in his programming, as he is still a nindroid like in the TV show. Otherwise, assuming they at least kept some of his old personality, Zane is logical, methodical and a loyal and kind friend, who will always protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Weapons and Abilities

Zane uses a bow and arrow in the trailers, but there is a good chance he is skilled at most of the weapons, though this is his favourite.

It is unknown if they have elemental powers, but it is unlikely since their vehicles seem to do most of the fighting. As seen with Kai's mech, his "Ice Tank" may have some sort of ice defence in it.

As with all of the other ninja, he is a master builder.

It is also unknown if he has other abilities due to how he seems to still be a nindroid, like how Zane in the recent seasons can do scans of the area around him, lock onto bio signatures, and has many extra tools and gadgets hidden under his exoskeleton.


Movie Appearances

Video Games


  • His vehicle seems to be an Ice Tank
  • His main weapon is a Bow and Arrow.
  • He is the only ninja with no black coloring on his hood. Instead his is full white.


In The LEGO Ninjago Movie

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