Yang's Students are a group of martial arts students who were once the pupils of Master Kodokuna Yang.


Early lives

Yang's students chose to study under Yang, and became some of the earliest to learn his signature martial art of Airjitzu. Unfortunately, when Yang sought to achieve immortality through the power of the Yin Blade, he inadvertently brought a curse upon himself and his Temple of Airjitzu that resulted in him and his students becoming ghosts. Left trapped, Yang placed a spell upon his students, enslaving them to his will.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

As time went by, the temple became a feared place, with persistent rumors that any who dared to enter it and didn't vacate before the following sunrise would be imprisoned within. The ninja soon discovered this to be true, and were nearly entrapped and forcibly imprisoned alongside Yang's students. However, they managed to escape the Temple, though Cole remained too long and thus, became a ghost.


Yang and his students were later forced to vacate the Temple after Nadakhan used his Djinn Blade to lift the it and its surrounding land into the sky. Yang attempted to object to this intrusion, but he and his students were powerless against the water weapons wielded by Nadakhan's forces.

Day of the Departed

Cole was later captured by Yang's students after Yang tricked him into bringing the Yin Blade back to the temple, but he managed to escape. There followed a series of battles in which Cole fought Yang's students alone, and despite their superior numbers the Earth ninja managed to overcome them. They were later able to travel through Yang's Rift of Return and regain their human forms after Cole defeated Yang and broke his spell over them.



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