Abilities Aerokinesis
First Appearance The Green Ninja
Status Existent; no longer used

Wind is an element used by Morro. It is generally associated with the color green in the case of an original Master of Wind corresponds to the Elemental Wind Dragon.

Briefly, before the encounter with the Ghost General, the only confirmed user was Jay (which was a mistake on the writer's part). Despite his dominant element being Lightning, Jay was erroneously able to use it in its first appearance in "The Green Ninja," in the form of a vortex. Morro has similar abilities, but it is likely his single use of Lightning was him channeling Lloyd's.

This elemental power gives the user the control over the wind and limited manipulation over weather. It is commonly used for offensive or defensive purposes.

Users’ Abilities

  • Aerokinesis - The user is able to control the wind, as seen in "The Green Ninja," when Jay creates a tornado to clear out a group of Serpentine using said elemental power. Additionally, he/she can create a powerful air current to attract objects and people by pulling the wind towards to the user. Powerful blasts of air can be used to attack enemies. The users are able to release waves, spirals, pulses, blasts, spheres and/or bursts of wind and use them to damage and push people, this ability are able to send wind through any form of matter creating ruptures, and create a pulse that can through anything. Also can be used to move objects from distance.
    • Aerokinetic Flight - The user can fly using the wind. A difference of flight with wind, the user can levitate a similar way as Gravity (but not as steadily).
    • Tornado Generation - The user can create a large vortex of air around themselves to attack, confuse, or defend against an adversary.
    • Air Solidification - The user can manipulate pressure in the air molecules to solidify the air, and use to attack or defend against an adversary.
      • Air Shield Construction - The user can create a shield of solid air to avoid attacks.
      • Air Wall Generation - The user can also create walls of air/wind from nothing or by shaping the existing air/wind.
    • Tornado Spinning - The user can spin like a tornado for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Notable Users



  • Wind is similar to the Smoke element used by Ash, but with many different abilities.
  • In the real life, the Wind/Air is invisible, possibly indicating that the user may be able to turn himself/herself invisible against the enemies, though this has yet to be seen.
  • Wind isn't necessary for Chen's spell, explaining how his army transformed without it.[1]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Jay using the power of Wind was merely an early mistake.[2]
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