He's got a weapon. Fire, fire, fire.”
— White Nindroid Forces attacking the intruding Nadakhan the Djinn
White Nindroid Forces
The Army of White Nindroids
Affiliation Cyrus Borg
Known Members White Nindroid General (Leader)

Unnamed White Nindroid Forces

Status Remain guarding the Realm Crystal in Hiroshi's Labyrinth under the orders of Cyrus Borg

White Nindroid Forces are Androids that guard the Realm Crystal in the stronghold in Hiroshi's Labyrinth, under the orders of Cyrus Borg. They are led by the White Nindroid General, a general that resembles Cryptor.


The Nindroid Forces are just like the evil Nindroids under the command of the Overlord, only these nindroids are good. They probably have the power to turn themselves invisible. They are large, and serve their job well. However, they can be tricked easily because of their programming. They also have the power to shoot lasers out of their right-eye piece, and the white nindroid general has the power to do that and shoot lasers out of his chest armor just like Cryptor, they also share the same face under the mask.


Pre-Season 6

At some point Wu entrusted the Realm Crystal in the hands of Cyrus Borg and he created a stronghold in Hiroshi's Labyrinth guarded by the White Nindroid General and his squadron of White Nindroids.

Public Enemy Number One

The White Nindroid Forces under the orders of Cyrus Borg were guarding the Realm Crystal when Nadakhan intruded the stronghold, they tried to stop him but failed miserably against his supernatural powers. He later trashed most of them and stole the Realm Crystal.

The Way Back

After, Jay made his final wish the nindroids were restored, and placed back in Hiroshi's Labyrinth to guard the Realm Crystal, with no memory of the events of the Skybound.


  • The White Nindroid will officially be released as a minifigure in the 2017 Ninjago Bricktober set. Unlike in the TV show, the figure will not come with a laser gun.
  • The White Nindroids are based off of Cryptor's body design, with the most prevalent difference being their armor color.

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