“This is kinda too weird for us. We're going to stay in here.”
— Noble when the Ninja encountered the Bizarro Ninja
Affiliation Kryptarium Prison
Weapon of choice N/A
Element N/A
First Appearance Double Trouble
Status Alive
Voiced by Paul Dobson

Warden Noble (formerly Principal Noble) is the warden of Kryptarium Prison and the former principal for Darkley's Boarding School for Great Children. Noble was present at the boarding school when its students took over the building, though the Ninja soon came to intervene. However, their clones arrived at the school and attacked them, leading the students to aid the Ninja in their fight. Eventually the Bizarro Ninja were defeated and the students were commended by Noble for their actions. At some point, Noble retired from being a principal at the school, becoming a tour guide at the Ninjago Museum of History for some time before finally becoming the warden of Kryptarium Prison. 

Warden was present at the prison when the Second Serpentine War commenced, and Kapau and Chope broke in to capture Pythor. During the conflict, the prison's inmates were all freed, but were soon put back in their cells by Noble and the guards. Shortly afterwards, Noble would join the Elemental Masters in their fight at the Corridor of Elders

When Nadakhan framed the Ninja for crimes they didn't commit, Ronin captured them and they were locked away in Kryptarium Prison, with Noble leading them to their cells. During this time, Noble treated the Ninja very harshly, disregarding their past actions and seeing them only as criminals. Fortunately, the Ninja escaped the prison and set off to fight the Sky Pirates


The Tall Tale of Clancee

Noble was principal when Clancee attended the school, though expelled him due to his excessive pirate traits.

Double Trouble

When Darkley's was transformed into a school for teaching good, the old teachers quit and Noble was hired to be the new principal. The students, however, despised their good teachings and rebelled. Due to their superior knowledge of the school building, the students succeeded in locking Noble and the teachers in one of the offices.

The Ninja eventually arrived and were imprisoned as well. Noble explained the situation to them and aided in their search for a secret passageway out of the room. However when they emerged from the passage, the Ninja encountered their bizarro duplicates and the teachers decided to stay in the passage while the Ninja sorted it out.

Once the Bizarro Ninja were defeated with the aid of the students, Noble applauded the students for converting to good and declared that a celebration was in order.

Child's Play

Noble lead a tour group at the Ninjago Museum of History, which was interrupted by the appearance of the Grundle.

The Greatest Fear of All

Master Wu eventually took over the boarding school and Noble became the warden at Kryptarium Prison. When the Ninja arrived seeking to speak to Pythor, he confiscated their weapons and lead him to the Serpentine's cell.

Later while he was in the watchman's post, he was attacked by Kapau'rai and Chop'rai. He eventually managed to break free and with the help of the guards, rounded up all the escaped prisoners.

The Corridor of Elders

Warden Noble allowed Cole to speak to the inmates and ask them to help in the fight against Chen's army. He later fought in the battle at the Corridor of Elders.


When the Ninja arrived at Kryptarium following them being framed for a crime spree, Noble personally escorted them to their cells, proudly pointing out that their vengestone chains rendered their powers useless. Upon arriving at the cell, Noble realized he had forgotten his keys and raced off to find them. He returned to find the Ninja in confrontation with The Mechanic and ordered the two to shake hands and be friends.

When Dareth came to visit the Ninja, Noble stood by as they talked. When Dareth informed the warden he would have to answer to the Brown Ninja should anything happen, Noble suggested that such a ninja might belong in Kryptarium as well.

When a fight broke out in the cafeteria later, Noble ordered the Ninja be taken to "The Hole" for starting it. This would prove to be consequential for the warden however, as the Ninja manged to escape.


Noble is an old man with short gray hair and a chin strip. He wears large glasses and has definitive cheek bones.

As a principle, Noble wore a white shirt with a bow-tie underneath a sweater and brown overcoat.

As a warden, Noble wears a black suit coat with gold buttons and small pockets over a white shirt and tie.


Noble is a gentle and forgiving man as seen when he decided to throw a celebration when the children became good, rather than punishing them for their evil doings. He does not scare easily and instead displays confusion when confronted with unusual things.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 2: The Final Battle

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements

Season 6: Skybound

Tall Tale Mini-Movies

Graphic Novels


  • Alongside Patty Keys and Fred Finley, Noble would be one of few Ninjago citizens seen in the show to change occupations over seasons.




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