Vermin is a Vermillion. In the show, many Vermillion look identical to him.


The Hatching

Vermin is hatched from eggs of The Great Devourer, like all the other vermillion warriors.

A Line in the Sand

Vermin goes to Mega Monster Amusement Park to steal metal for Krux and Acronix.

The Attack

Vermin is part of the Vermillion army that attacks the Temple of Airjitzu to retrieve the two Time Blades.

Lost in Time

Vermin traveled aboard the Iron Doom back in time to fight the Elemental Alliance. During the fight, Krux and Acronix betrays Raggmunk, Blunck and Machia, destroying them and taking the former pairs control helmets. Theythen used them to destroy the entire vermillion army. The snakes that made the warriors then fused with iron doom, including Vermins.