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Affiliation The Hands of Time
The Great Devourer (formerly)
Known Members
Status Unknown

The Vermillion are the pure first generation progeny of the Great Devourer. With armor forged by Ray and Maya, the Vermillion warriors were used as Krux and Acronix's army. Like the Great Devourer, the Vermillion's main agenda is to consume everything in their path. Vermillion commanders Machia, Raggmunk, and Blunck were selected from the genetically superior of Serpentine by Krux and are capable of controlling the other Vermillion warriors through a hive mind until Acronix and Krux fired the Vermillion commanders and used the helmets of Blunck and Raggmunk to control the Vermillion warriors themselves.

With control of the Vermillion, the twins telepathically smashed the rest of the Vermillion warriors into their component snakes, which were absorbed by the Iron Doom. Under the twins' orders, the Vermillion snakes ultimately gave life to the machine. Eventually, it would become lost in time after Wu ripped out the Reversal Time Blade from the Iron Doom's time apparatus.


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