I'll constantly being reviewing my latest Ninjago sets. On this post I'll be reviewing the Samurai X and Fang-suei spinner sets.

Samurai X Review

First of all, Samurai X has her exo suit and a reversible head. You can put the female doctor hair from Lego City set #4431 (Ambulance) to make it Nya! The battle cards are cool but Whirl wind is impossible. I tricked my friends making them believe that it is actually Nya...

A rating: ✯ (9/10)

Fang-suei Review

The character is awesome! His head and fang necklace are very detailed and you could make him Snappa by changing the head. I plan to keep these cards for ever as it has 3 stars of rarity. Something to look out for!

A rating: ✯ (10/10)

The battle

Welcome to Lego Ninjago Spinjitzu! Now in the left corner, Nya - aka Samurai X, in her shocking disguise! And in the right corner, Serpentine soldier, Fang-suei! Round 1 - Ninja GO! Samurai X makes an impressive spin and... Fang-suei Falls! Now with 4 energy, Samurai takes the lead. "Fang man, you just got beaten by a girl!" says Krazi in the audience. Nya just brings her memory up and calls out: "That's exactly what you said when I moved in with the Ninja!" Kruncha in the audience: "I never thought I'd be saying this but GO NINJA GO!"


Now at round 6, Fang-suei in the lead with 5 energy, Nya uses ultimate revenge - WHAT A SMACK! Fang-suei is dead meat and Nya shares the Spinjitzu cup with Kai and the Ninja.

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