Now that the Forum feature is avalible, should we enable it?

Forums to quote formHere are:

One word: Communication! This update to the Forum concept is meant to both encourage participation in community discussions and provide an efficient way to have those conversations. Visitors will be able to discover that there's a vibrant and dynamic community that's behind all of the great content on your wiki, and will be inspired to make the transition from reader to contributor. More seasoned Wikians will be led to discussions that they may not have known were taking place, and discover new opportunities for collaboration. When a discussion is started, or at any later time, "topics" can be added using a section at the bottom of the thread. Topics are article names, and this builds the connection between Forum conversations and the rest of the wiki's content (see below for more detail). Additionally, the notification system allows participants to follow discussions as they progress, and also gives wiki admins a way to highlight specific threads that may be of interest to the entire community. In this way, the Forum can function as a primary hub of activity for the wiki, just like the main page or chat.

So.... Shall we?

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