Here are my opinions on each of the Ninja's suits, worst to best:

  • 14: Kendo- While introducing new parts, it was mainly a gimmick to promote the new booster pack/ spinner line. The suit was only used in one episode as training gear. Yes, they never learned Kendo.
  • 13: Techno Silver- While not a bad designed armor and its importance in the show, it is only in two sets one of which also comes with a normal ninja. This leads to confusion over this new suit for people who never saw the show. It is also impossible to complete the set.
  • 12: Airjitzu- Too similar to the NRG suits, and never looked like this in the show. In-fact, they were just the Deepstone suits withe energy bubbles. Giant symbols are always a bad idea...
  • 11:Movie/Movie TV hybrid:None of the the ninja suits look like they could be members of the same team. Zane his mostly white while the rest are mostly black. They just don't look that great together. The only thing this as going for is a new ninja hood piece which seems far too over sized.
  • 10:Techno-I don't get these suits. They have no powers yet it looks like they have elemental symbols on their suit. Also, they are too different from each other for no reason. (Not like ZX, ZX Jay has an aviation jacket.) Did I mention Cole and Jay nearly have the same suit? I know Rebooted was rushed, but really?
  • 9:NRG-A neat suit, but a total gimmick.
  • 8:Elemental-I love the design, but all ninja's need their paldrens. Also, why is Lloyd's face gold?
  • 7:DX- A bit strange/ gimmicky, but I think this still looks cool. It is never explain were this comes from in the show.
  • 6:Jungle-Looks cool and like the original. I think they should have used the original/ a redone ninja hood for this.
  • 5.5: Fusion- A soid suit that looks well designed, but it lacks uniformity that makes the ninja look similar.
  • 5:Tournament-A better representation of modern Ninja then Techno.
  • 4:Original-You can't beat a classic. Back in the day these were amazing.
  • Tied for 4th: Day of the departed- looks like the original yet draws from the ZX and other suits. May be slightly better than original
  • 3:Pirate(Airjitzu 2.0 suit?)-Similar to the Deepstone suit, this matches ninja well. I also like the metallic tornado design.
  • 2:ZX-These suits are classic. The colors match the ninja's personalities and the designs match their rides. The 2 new pieces on this suit are still used.
  • 1:Deepstone- Nearly tied with the ZX. The black and ninja main colors look good (with the exception of Nya) for ninja.

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