• ToaMatau2004

    Where is Nexo Knights in Ninjago? I keep seeing this being mentioned on pages.

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  • ToaMatau2004

    Here are my opinions on each of the Ninja's suits, worst to best:

    • 13: Kendo- While introducing new parts, it was mainly a gimmick to promote the new booster pack/ spinner line. The suit was only used in one episode as training gear. Yes, they never learned Kendo.
    • 12: Techno Silver- While not a bad designed armor and its importance in the show, it is only in two sets one of which also comes with a normal ninja. This leads to confusion over this new suit for people who never saw the show. It is also impossible to complete the set.
    • 11: Airjitzu- Too similar to the NRG suits, and never looked like this in the show. In-fact, they were just the Deepstone suits withe energy bubbles. Giant symbols are always a bad idea...
    • 10:Techno-I don't get these s…
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