Hello everyone!, If a character can join the group of heroes and become a ninja? who would it be? here are the choices

1. Brad: A kid from darkleys school for bad boys who has became good with lloyds encoaragement (helped defeat the bizzaro ninjas)
Brad Doodlebomb


2.Dareth: A man who owns Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo he is a boastful character who wants to be the Brown Ninja


Sensei Dareth

3. Nya: Nya Is kai's sister, Even though she is a part of the group already, she isn't a Ninja she also owns the samurai mech



File:Samurai X1.png
these are some of her suits

Samurai at snows ep.6

samurai mech

And finally 4. Captain Soto: A captain pirate awakened by Lord Garmadon who originally owned the destiny bounty, We all know it would be weird for captain soto to be a ninja, also He see's ninjas as "Pajama people", Use your Imagination! :P

Captain soto

So In the comments below, Tell who you think should become a ninja!

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