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  • I live in A house
  • I was born on April 13
  • My occupation is Drawing, music, and memery
  • I am TotallyHypnoSquid
  • TheShaymin

    Hello all! Just so you know, I am TotallyHypnoSquid, I changed my name due to bullying and puns on my name.

    I wanted to say to you, on there is an article saying Ninjago will have a film, they also said that it will have a different take then it did on the Show.

    We know Lloyd Garmadon is in the new LEGO Movie, so what do you think about this movie?

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  • TheShaymin


    February 12, 2013 by TheShaymin

    Hi everyone, I'd like you to know that I'm holding a contest, the contest will be on Ninjago screenshots, you need to make a scene, take a shot of it and post it here. I'll be posting one just for the fun of it. And the rewards might not be much, but hey, fun of competition right? 4th place: MS Paint avatar 3rd place: sketchbook avatar 2nd place: MS paint drawing, or what 3rd or 4th has. 1st place: A Sketchbook drawing, and avatar.

    Happy photography! Shaymin, OUT

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  • TheShaymin

    Hello all...  This is gonna be a short blog.

    I have noticed something. Since the "Incident" on this wiki, this wiki started to seem as it was dying. There has been edits. But one of the major things a wiki needs is community, and I think we are losing that. No one has been on chat. On the forums, or barely any talk page things! So I just wanted to point this out. I feel this wiki may be dying. There is also a small chance it may be not.

    Yours awesomely,

    The Shaymin



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  • TheShaymin

    Hello everyone!, If a character can join the group of heroes and become a ninja? who would it be? here are the choices

    1. Brad: A kid from darkleys school for bad boys who has became good with lloyds encoaragement (helped defeat the bizzaro ninjas)

    2.Dareth: A man who owns Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo he is a boastful character who wants to be the Brown Ninja

    3. Nya: Nya Is kai's sister, Even though she is a part of the group already, she isn't a Ninja she also owns the samurai mech

    these are some of her suits

    And finally 4. Captain Soto: A captain pirate awakened by Lord Garmadon who originally owned the destiny bounty, We all know it would be weird for captain soto to be a ninja, also He see's ninjas as "Pajama people", Use your Imagination! :P


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