Greetings, Ninjago Wiki! I'm Starscream7. Although many of you probably do not know me, I am a bureaucrat at the Custom Hero Factory Wiki. I'm also the YouTuber LordStarscream100. Recently, I've seen people come to realization that the wiki may be dying due to its inactivity. I believe that it will regain strength again, and my plans for being on here suggest a way to help.

I am planning on developing a Ninjago stop-motion film.

This has never truly been done before, and I feel that the television show deserves a more "serious" viewpoint. To do so, I'm going to be making a film that will present a realistic view of the Ninjago story. By doing so, I plan to not ruin the original story by changing too much of it. Making this adaptation of the story should be very important.

Now, I can realize that this is a canon wiki, and that there is a Ninjago Fanon Wiki. But I have come to give you this material to help all of you. And I also feel that with this being the first real atttempt at putting an adaptation of the Ninjago story into a stop-motion film, it will give a more serious approach on it. Plus, I will not be creating articles for this movie, since it truly is partially fanon.

Now, potential questions:

  • When is the movie coming out?
    • 2014.
  • What will the title of the movie be?
    • I'm planning on titling it "Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu". Like I said, not to damage the original story.
  • Which ninjas will appear in the movie?
    • As of now, I am definitely casting Kai, Zane, Cole and Jay.
  • What will the film focus on? The Skeletons, Serpentine Tribes, or the Stone Army?
    • I was looking into doing the skeletons, but right now I'm looking at heading toward the Serpentine. They have interseting backstories, and from what I've heard and seen, they seem to have a bigger part in the actual Ninjago story, so focusing on them may be the better choice.

So yes, the film, titled "Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu" is scheduled for release in 2014. I will be keeping everyone updated on it.

BIONICLE: Universe III: War of the Worlds 02:13, February 4, 2013 (UTC)

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