Hello, Ninjago Wiki! I haven't given an update on my upcoming Ninjago film in two months, but here I am with a very important one. I am looking to making the characters speak in the film - and by that, I mean speak in the sense that you can hear what they are saying. Therefore, I am looking for people who would like to voice the characters. Here are the ones that I am currently accepting voices for:

  • Kai - Confirmed, Voiced by CharCharStudios101 (YouTube)
  • Zane - Confirmed, Voiced by CharCharStudios101 (YouTube)
  • Jay - Confirmed, Voiced by OonieandCacola (YouTube)
  • Cole - Confirmed, Voiced by Spyvsspykid (YouTube)
  • Lord Garmadon - Confirmed, Voiced by TheManManAnime (YouTube)
  • Lloyd Garmadon - Confirmed, Voiced by Luke Perakovic (YouTube)
  • Sensei Wu - Confirmed, Voiced by LordStarscream100 (YouTube)

Also, check out my YouTube video on it for a little more information ...

I will be allowing more character voices in the future, but I'd like to get the main characters handled first. Also, if you are interested, you need to have a YouTube account.

If you are interested in voicing any of these characters, please say so below!