ok so im not going to make video until christmas due to fact im getting epic dragon battle at tht time


Skalidor places the hypnobrai fangblade on the devourers statue and runs for dear life where he is meeted by accicus and chokun as they escape they find sensei wu and capture him in snake prison

Lloyd: Hey guys the Serpintine leader has kidnapped Sensei

Jay: Um the others are on holiday

Lloyd: anyway come on grab the weapons

Jay has the Nun-Chucks and Sword and Lloyd has the scythe and the shurikens

Devourer: RAWR!! GRRRRR

Lloyd: oh man!

Jay: its our dragon

Epic Dragon Battle

Lord Garmadon: Give the weapons to me

Lloyd: ok dad

garmadon: now die beast

he kills it and they save wu only for garmadon to get captured instead


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