This is my own season of ninjago

Episode 1: double trouble

already out it is season 2

Episode 2: The Day Ninjago Fell Apart

Lord Garmadon: Man The Ninja Must Pay For What They did to The Bizzaro Ninja

Fangtom: You Should Make Them Again

Lord Garmadon: Maybe Tommorow the Mega Weapon Needs to Charge Up

One Day Later

Lord Garmadon: Ninja Time for you to Meet Your Match Again >:l

Bizzaro Kai: Time to Rip Apart Ninjago

Lord Garmadon: Then I Will Make a New Ninjago More Eviler

The Bizzaro Ninja explode the whole ninjago world except the destinys bounty but everyone alive too.

Lord Garmadon: Now to Unwield The Mega Weapon

Mega Weapon turns into the golden weapons

Kai and Cole Jump aboard the black bounty

Kai: Thanks Garmadon or Should I say Poomadon

Kai and Cole swipe the weapons

Cole: haha

They escape and sensei re-creates ninjago

Sensei Wu: haha my Bo sucks!!! haha

Episode 3 coming soon

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