Main Protagonist - Wu

Villians - Garmadon, Pythor, Overlord, Chen, Morro, Nadakahn

Villian Factions - Skulkin, Serpentine, Stone Army, Nindroids, Anacondrai Cultists, Ghosts, Sky Pirates

Plot: After Nadakahn is about to be trapped again, He Wishes for all the Ninja's Past Enemies to Return!

Episodes: 16


The Return: Nadakahn has Wished for all the Fallen Enemies of the Ninja to Return, Making The Ninja Having to go Stop Their Former Enemies.

The Golden Tomb: After Finding out Garmadon is Alive, and Filled With Evil Again, Lloyd Goes on a Quest to Purify his Father.

Journey to the Dark Island: The Ninja Chase the Overlord, Morro and Chen to the Dark Island.

Rebirth: The Ninja Find the Preeminent Arise From the Ocean, Filled With Rage.

Skyborn: Nadakahn Aids the Overlord, Chen and Morro Against the Ninja.

Elements of Change: After all the Elements are Wiped From the Ninja, Wu Faces the Overlord in a Battle for the Ages.

Lost in the Cursed Realm: Wu and the Ninja are Stuck in the Cursed Realm, After Losing Against the Overlord

Skulkin City: The Ninja Stumble Upon Samukai's Village in the Cursed Realm, and a way back to Ninjago

Djinjago Rising: Nadakahn has Successfully Lifted all of Ninjago into the Air, and Plans on Destroying all the Land With his Wishes.

War Plan: After the Villian Factions have Seperated, Pythor Orders the Serpentine to Attack the Sky Pirates.

The White Ninja: A White Ninja Appears on the Battlefield, Revealing Himself to be Morro.

Purified: The Ninja Find Garmadon and Attempt to Bring him Back to the Good Side.

Return of the First Spinjitzu Master: The Overlord Accidentially Stumbles Upon the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, And Awakens him.

Masters of Shadows Part I: The First Spinjitzu Master Battles Against the Overlord for Justice in Ninjago.

Masters of Shadows Part II: The First Spinjitzu Master has Grown Power-Hungry, Defeating all Factions, Except his Sons, Wu and Garmadon.

Nadakahn's Fall: The Ninja Defeat Nadakahn and end his Reign Once and For All!

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