• SprattieGaming

    Main Protagonist - Wu

    Villians - Garmadon, Pythor, Overlord, Chen, Morro, Nadakahn

    Villian Factions - Skulkin, Serpentine, Stone Army, Nindroids, Anacondrai Cultists, Ghosts, Sky Pirates

    Plot: After Nadakahn is about to be trapped again, He Wishes for all the Ninja's Past Enemies to Return!

    Episodes: 16


    The Return: Nadakahn has Wished for all the Fallen Enemies of the Ninja to Return, Making The Ninja Having to go Stop Their Former Enemies.

    The Golden Tomb: After Finding out Garmadon is Alive, and Filled With Evil Again, Lloyd Goes on a Quest to Purify his Father.

    Journey to the Dark Island: The Ninja Chase the Overlord, Morro and Chen to the Dark Island.

    Rebirth: The Ninja Find the Preeminent Arise From the Ocean, Filled With Rage.


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