Recently,I saw this video on youtube created by kennethoon based on the ninjago soundtrack. On his Iphone,there were ringtones on there that had ninjago songs that are not featured on youtube. It had almost tons of songs everybody requested. But there was at least one song that was not on the list,so I would like to make a music request to the admin on the ninjago wiki. Can you post the song from episode 13 when the ninja are trying to get the great devourer stuck around the city? If you could post that,that would really make me happy :) Anyway,there are tons of songs on there and I really hope soon they'll post it on itunes so I can get it.

1) Lloyd & Pythor 2)Zane's Funny Switch 3)The Falcon (From episode 7) 4)Ninja Rock 5)The Samurai 6)Mariachi 7) Captain Soto 8)The Stone Army 9)Video Game Music 10)Day Jobs(Rejected) 11)The Green Ninja (From episode 4) 12)Roomies With Garmadon 13)Disco Fever

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