Hi everybody! In case you haven't noticed, I'm a big fan of speculation - I just love wondering about the different paths that were missed by fate and folly.

So, just for the heck of it, I'm making this the first in a series of "What If" questions about the world of Ninjago; mainly, how events in the cartoon would play out if different things happened. Feel free to comment and offer your two cents!

Okay, here goes...

WHAT IF #1: What if Wu and Garmadon's roles were reversed?

In a distant age of Ninjago, the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master are having a friendly spar when the younger one's katana is knocked over the wall of the Monastery. Despite his father`s rule about never leaving the monastery, the boy goes over the wall at the urging of his older brother, where he finds his sword - only to be bitten by a strange frilled snake...

Assuming that the only change to the backstory is that Wu was bitten and infected by evil instead of Garmadon, how do you think the plot would change? Here's some of my ideas to get you started:

  • Since Garmadon never becomes evil, Lloyd never goes to Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys, and may well be a part of the Ninja from the start (or perhaps purusing another interest before his destiny is revealed).
  • Garmadon would likely feel guilt about encouraging his brother to go get his katana, but would that affect his character relative to Wu's in the "canon" plot?
  • Assuming that the events of the pilot play out more or less the same way (or would they?), Wu would leave for a dark dimension after tricking Samukai into becoming a portal. If so, and assuming Lloyd remains on the side of good from the start, who releases the Serpentine? Would they be released at all?

All right, there's your seeding ground, everyone. Plant me some crazy ideas on how this would change the plot!