Hello, members of the Ninjago Wiki,

I am writing this post to bring up the topic of Cuusoo Projects, but not just regular Cuusoo projects, Ninjago related Cuusoo projects. I believe that if we want the world of Lego Ninjago to expand even more, that we should create pages for some of the Ninjago related Cuusoo projects. I'm not saying we should create a page for all of them, because a lot of them are very bad in my opinion. Unfortunately there are very few good projects that are related to Ninjago, as when I search through them, there are very few actual models, most of them being Minifigure packs, including my project, Ninjago Serpentine Bucket, which has the most supporters of all of the true Ninjago projects. If we want these to become sets, we need to bring more attention to them.

Thank you,