Hello everyone!I just thought of an idea.What if I wrote a blog about what the Serpentine's history might be?Well, this is what I thought might have happened.I was going to put this on the fanfiction wiki but decided it would be a waste of time.So I wrote this blog.Share your opinions below in the comment section.So without further ado, here it is!

The Arrival of Snakes

The villagers in the town walked along the streets.Like most towns in Ninjago, the town was small and had stone buildings.Just about the only problem they had to look out for were dragons and criminals, until now that is.As the villagers worked in the town, a hissing sound could be heard faintly.

Farmer-"Huh?What's that sound?"

The hissing sound became less faint and more loud.Without having to turn around, the villagers saw a awe inspiring sight:Several green, snake like, people had arrived in the village.

Farmer-"Ahhhh!Monsters!Everybody, run!"

The reptilians walked, or rather slithered, into the village.The people in the town ran for cover.A young boy however was to naive to move.


The boy's parent quickly grabbed him into cover.The green snakes continued through the village.The biggest one spoke up.

Acidicus-"We are the Venomari tribe!Bow before us or leave this place!"

The villagers ran to the Serpentine and began bowing.

Spitta-"General, should we have the other tribes come here?"

Acidicus-"Invite the Hypnobrai and and the Fangpyre.The others can find there way here on there own*chuckles*."

Spitta-"Will do general."

Several hours later, the Venomari had gathered the other tribes into the village.Sure enough, the Constrictai and Anacondrai tribes found there way into the village.The general of the Anacondrai protested at not getting invited

Pythor-"You Venomari will regret not inviting us here.

Soon the entire Anacondrai were ready to argue with the other tribes.The Constrictai were to interested in eating all the sweets in the village to care about the Anacondrai's opinion on the invitations.

The Fangpyre

The Fangpyre had taken over part of the village, establishing a small settlement there.Fangtom enslaved several farmers and a mailman, while his tribe began building a fortress for the Serpentine.As the tower was being built, a villager attempted to escape and even managed to evade Fangdams attempt to catch him.Unfortunately for the villager, Fang-Sui tackled him and nearly bit him, mistaking him for a piece of dessert.

Fang-Sui-"Well, what do we have here?I think I'll keep you for dinner..."

Villager-"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!Someone, please help me, he's going to eat me!"

Suddenly, Snappa ran in and pounced on Fang-Sui

Snappa-"He'sssss my food, Fang-SSSui!*hisses*

Fang-Sui-"No, I found him first, so I deserve a meal.Why don't you go eat somewhere elsssse?"

Snappa-"I'll eat you then!

While Fang-Sui fought off Snappa, the villager escaped the town and hid in the desert.

After this, Fangtom was forced to separate the two before Snappa began to bite Fang-Sui.

Fangdam-"Sssstop right now!Can't you see that the slave has essscaped?"


Fang-Sui-Thisss is not good."

Suddenly, all of the workers at the fortress began escaping.Fangdam stared in awe as his tribe desperately tried to gather the villagers back to the fortress.Fangtom, however was able to recapture at least three workers back at the top of the fortress.

The Hypnobrai

Skales had the whole thing planned out:Betray Slithraa as soon as he does something stupid and then defeat him in a Slither Pit(This was when Skales was warrior and Slithraa was general).Mezmo and Rattla supported this idea and decided to help to overthrow Skales.Slithraa slithered into the newly built Serpentine fortress and choose to stay at the top of the building, while the Fangpyre, Venomari, Anacondrai, and Constrictai stayed at the basement, the living room, the main room, and the outside.As Slithraa sat on his throne, Mezmo walked in.

Slithraa-"What is it, Mezmo?!"

Mezmo-"General, Skales and the others have betrayed you!"


As Skales walked through the door, he was greeted by a hiss from the general

Slithraa-"You will be punished severely for this, traitor!"

Unfortunately for Slithraa, Skales began to use his hypnotic eyes to his advantage.

Skales-"You will forget this ever happened and tell Mezmo to be loyal to me.

Slithraa paused for a moment and then trailed off to where Mezmo was.Skales decided to challenge Rattla to the Slither Pit just in-case Rattla was going to betray Skales as well.

One Day Later

As Rattla entered the Slither Pit, he saw Serpentine from all five tribes staring at him and Skales.Rattla delivered a kick to Skales stomach, sending him sliding across the ground.Rattla pounced at him but Skales quickly leaped out of the way.Skales used his signature Fangkwon-doe move on Rattla.Skales had won the battle

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