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  • Serpentaxy400

    Hello everyone!I just thought of an idea.What if I wrote a blog about what the Serpentine's history might be?Well, this is what I thought might have happened.I was going to put this on the fanfiction wiki but decided it would be a waste of time.So I wrote this blog.Share your opinions below in the comment section.So without further ado, here it is!

    The villagers in the town walked along the streets.Like most towns in Ninjago, the town was small and had stone buildings.Just about the only problem they had to look out for were dragons and criminals, until now that is.As the villagers worked in the town, a hissing sound could be heard faintly.

    Farmer-"Huh?What's that sound?"

    The hissing sound became less faint and more loud.Without having to tur…

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