(Epsiode begins with Fangtom fighting Cole)

Fangtom: Take that, and that!

(Cole dodges the attck with ease)

Cole: Come on, Grandpa!

(Fangtom signals Fang-Suei to attck Cole with a flying bite.)

Fangtom: GAAH! You bit me!

Fang-Suei: Whoops.

(Beside Fangtom's first head, a green substance begins to ooze, just then, another head forms)

Cole: HAHA!

Fangtom: What is happening?

Fangtom ( 3# Head): Well, well, well. It's about time I sprout.

Fangtom (2# Head): How did you get here?

Fangtom (3# Head): Simple, when Fang-whatever bit me... I formed.

Fangtom (1# Head): LEAVE?

Fangtom: (3# Head): Why? I can't, anyway.

Cole: I'm just gonna let you...ummm.... three work it out yourselves.

(Cole gets away)


At the Underground Fortress...

Pyhtor: WHAT?

Fangtom (3# Head): Is this the guy in charge? Huh, I'd expect him to be more evilier.

Fangtom (1# Head): Quiet!

Pythor: YOU IDIOT!

Fangtom (2# Head): Please, Pyhtor. This wasn't our fault!

Fangtom (3# Head): Yeah, it was number 1's fault! The head can't keep himself quiet.

Fangtom (1# Head): Are you gonna belive that... that... dumbhead!

Fangtom (2# Head): Arguing will get us NOWHERE.

Fangtom (3# Head): Really? Cause I saw you whack your tail in Pythor's coffee.

Pythor: REALLY?

Fangtom (2# Head): It's not what it looks like...

Pythor: I have had it with you two heads!

Fangtom (1# Head) What are you gonna do?

Pythor: The third heads is in charge, he seems at LEAST more responsible then you two!

Fangtom (2# head): But he insulted you!

Pythor: Serpentine insulting each other is really a copliment. Did you see Serpentine Monthly?

Fangtom (1# & 2# head in unision): No.

Fangtom (3# Head): Maybe you should... oh I don't know... make sure these two heads don't speak up again.

Shall Continue... see added part tommorow.

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