(Opening Ninajgo Credits)

(The Venomari are at their habitat, the Toxic Bogs. Acidius is preparing a seige for a fangblade. Lasha comes in.)

Lasha: Sir, Spitta needs you for something.

Acidius: Bring him in.

Lasha: Yessssss, sir.

(Spitta comes in and bows.)

Acidius: What do you need Spitta, can't you see I'm busy planning?

Spitta: Yes, but I have a brilliant idea! We can make some quick casssssshhhhhhh.

Acidius: I'm listening.

Spitta: It's simple! I created an ultimate beverage, open at the theme park, and we will be an instant successss.

Acidius: How can be sure your beverage will be an "instant successsss?"

Spitta: It already is! After months locked up in those hideous tombs, I discovered a way to make a glorius drink. I gave some to the other SSSSSSSSerpentine, and they LOVED it!

Acidius: How do you know it will work on humans?

'Spitta (Chuckling; Some venom falls out of his mouth) It doesn't! With the appropiate textures, the hallucination venom can turn into hypnotizing venom! Itssssssss glorious!

Acidius (Thinking hard): This is a very risky plan, Spitta.

'Spitta: How could you doubt it? Itsssssss brilliant!

Acidius: The ninja may stop you.

Spitta: How could you worry about petty obstacles at a time of opportunitiessssssss?

Acidius (Grumbling): Very well, you may begin. But I just know this is a waste of funds! All the Serpentine are on a budget these days.

(Scene cuts to Spitta selling his beverage at the Mega Monster Amusment Park)

Spitta: Come everybody! Taste my ultimate beverge! All proceeds go to the Venomari tribe!

(A women comes, she lays a dollar down)

Women: I'd like a cup.

Spitta: Here!

(Women drinks it)

Spitta (hypontizingly): You are under my control now.

Women: I am...under your...control.

Spitta: Now go tell you friends to come! Haha!

Women: I...will.

(Just then, the ninajs come)

Cole: Well, well, well! What do we have here?

Spitta: Buzzzzzzzz off, ninjas! Can't you see I'm busy wheeling and delaing?

Kai: More like ripping people off! How about we knock some sense into you.

Jay: Yeah, I'm sure you'd like that!

Spitta: You leave me no choice ninajs! Time to deploy the poisen gas!

(Spitta throws an grenade-like object on the floor. The place erupt in green gas.)

Zane: Good night! That's poisen gas! Run!

(The ninajs run off the seen. After the gas clears up, the ninajs head back to Spitta's beverage stand.)

Zane: He's gone!

Coloe: Well, let's head back, who knows where he is right now.

(The ninajs head back and Spitta heads back to the Toxic Bogs. When he arrives, and explains what happens, the general is livid.)

Acidius: You imbecile!

Spitta: I'm ssssssssssso ssssorry master!

Acidius: Do not ease me with your sniveling apologies!

Spitta: I'm ssssssorry, so ssorry.

Acidius: You are a waste of time, Spitta! Leave my sight at once!

(Spitta leaves, but has one more thing to say)

Spitta: Master! I have one more thing. I used your credit card to pay for the renting bills!

(Spitta runs away)'

Acidius: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

(End of "Spitta's Drinks")

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