(Episode begins with the ninjas, Sensei Wu, Lloyd, and Nya eating at the Destiny's Bounty)

Lloyd: Yuck! Do I have to eat my vegetables uncle?

Sensei Wu: Yes, every ninja needs his strength. Vegetable provide it!

Lloyd: But-

Sensei Wu: Butts are for sitting!

Lloyd (gigling): Fine.

1 Hour Later...

Kai: Alright Sensei, were going to go for are evening jog.

Sensei Wu: Okay, but curfew is 10:00 P.M.

Jay: Whatever, Sensei.

Lloyd: Can I come?

Kai: As much as we want you to, are jogs are grueling, agonizing even. We'll cross deserts, climb mountains, travel the Underworld and Lord Garmadon's Dimension. All in one hour.

Nya: I thought you were going to the park?

Kai (whispering to Nya): The little tyke doesn't need to know that.

Lloyd: Ooh! The aprk! Can I come? Please? I really wanna!

Sensei Wu: I don't think it would hurt you, Kai, if Lloyd came along.

Kai: Fine.

Lloyd: Oh yeah! Haha!

1 Hour later, arrving in the park...

Cole: Okay, we will be gone in 30 minutes, okay?

Zane: Until we return, you can test the velocity and gravitational pull on a transferring matter.

Lloyd: So you mean I can play on the swings?

Zane: Precisly.

Kai: See you, little ninja.

Lloyd: Bye! Now it's time to test the velocity and gravitational pull on a transferring matter! Woohoo!

(Lloyd head over the the swings. As he nears it, just then, a snake becomes visible)

Lloyd (gasping): Pythor!

Pythor: Well, little boy. I didn't think we be meeting again in a long... long time.

Lloyd: What do you want, Chumsworth?

Pythor: You. Simply, you. You are the Green Ninja, I'm correct, arn't I?

Lloyd: Of course.

Pythor: Well, you would prosper under my command, if you ask me.

Lloyd: Don't be a fool, Pythor! Jack the Rabbit never trusts a snake, and neither do I!

Pythor: I know a lost cause when I see one.

(He about to leave when Lloyd makes a deal)

Lloyd: Let's make a deal!

Pythor: I do not negotiate with someone of your... stature, but what is it?

Lloyd: Okay, we duel. Slither Pit. Ouroboros. You and me. No Serpentine to back you up, no henchman, generals or anything like that, just you and me.

Pythor (laughing): That is SO funny, my dear boy! You should join the comedy business! You think you can beat me? Haha!

Lloyd: If I win, you have to hand over ALL of the Fangblades. If you win, you take me as your bodyguard.

Pythor (considering): Well, I guess that would be fine. After all, it's not like you could beat me! You'll make an excellent bodyguard, "Green Ninja," oh yes, when should we begin?

Lloyd: Today. Midnight sharp.

Pythor (chuckling): Isn't that a little over your bed time?

Lloyd (grumbling): Fine, tommorow. Noon.

Pythor (chuckling): See you there.

1 hour later, back at the Bounty...

Jay: You are going to duel with Pythor!?

Lloyd: Yeah.

Cole: I can't belive you Lloyd, I think we should trick him and take the fangblades ourselves!

Sensei Wu: No. Lloyd should duel him alone. It will be good for his insticts.

Kai: In case you hadn't noticed, Sensei, Pythor is the largest of the Serpentine! And Lloyd, is the smallest of the ninja!

Sensei Wu: Well, your are right Kai.

(Kai looks smug)

Sensei Wu: But, I have a feeling Lloyd handled it very well. If he falls, I'm sure a certain Samurai and four ninjas could pinch in to help. What are the terms, Lloyd?

Lloyd: If I win, he hands over ALL the Fangblades.

(Everyone nods in satisfaction)

Zane: If you lose?

Lloyd: I'm his personel bodygurad for life.

Everyone but Sensei Wu and Zane: WHAT?

Sensei Wu: Pythor is a natural cheater. If Lloyd loses, a close by Bounty can pick him up.

Kai: I guess that makes sense.

Sensei Wu: In the meantime, maybe you could show Lloyd how the old basic training goes. When does it begin, Lloyd?

Lloyd: Noon. Tommorow.

Sensei Wu: That gives up just enough time to show him the basic training. Now everybody, off to bed!

The next day, 9:00 A.M.

(The ninjas show Lloyd the basics. First, Sensei Wu show him yoga)

Lloyd: This feels weird.

Cole: You get used to it.

(Then, Cole shows him weapon handling)

Cole: Okay, grasp your scythe like this, and punch it over the knock out your victim.

Lloyd: Say what?

(Jay shows him manuevering obstacles)

Jay: Watch out for the rubber tires and the land mines!

Lloyd: I have a sick feeling I'm a tester for your course.

Jay: Yes, yes you are.

(Kai shows him physical punching and kicking)

Kai: Take out the dummy with a kick flip!

(Lloyd does a kick flip, and the dummy falls over a spits cotton into the air)

Lloyd: This is my favorite so far!

(Zane shows him mental attacks)

Zane: Use the shocked monkey to immobilize your opponents!

(Zane does the shocked monkey on Lloyd, Lloyd begins to drool)

11:59 A.M., the Bounty is aproachig Ouroboros...

Cole: Just remeber your training, you got it?

Lloyd: Got it.

(The Bounty parks on the ground and Lloyd enetrs the center of the arena)

Lloyd: Hello? Anybody here?

(Just then, Serpentine come and snatch him in a rope)

Lloyd: Your a cheat, Pythor!

Pyhtor: Yes, I wanted the easy done. Now you have no choice!

Lloyd: Or do I?

(Lloyd does the "Rope Cutter," a move shown by Kai)

Pythor: He broke through!

Lloyd: Thats right! Come and get me, Pythor!

Pythor (signaling his henchman to pull down the Slither Pit lever): Attack!

(Serpentine come to get Lloyd, however, fall because the floor is now vertical, spikes show to hang on. The floor begins to tunr around in circles, and if you fall off, your burned by a pool of lava. Lloyd jumps onto a stable spot and begins attacking Serpentine)

Lloyd: Wow, your easier then the training dummies!

(Lloyd reaches Pythor and punches his head. Pythor falls to the ground in agony)

Lloyd: Eat on that!

(More Serpentine come, but Lloyd beats them)

Lloyd: This is easy!

(He spots Pythor still laying on the ground. He takes a very high jump, and is about to finally kill Pythor once and for all, when suddenly, green energy begins coming towards him while jumping. Just then, matter of green energy comes out of him, and then is sucked back in. Lloyd is now a full adult green ninja)

Jay: Woah.

Green Ninja: Ninja-GO!

(He is in Spinjitzu and takes out many Serpentine at once)

Cole: He's unstopable!

(Just then, he grabs a sword and puts it on Pythor's head)

Green Ninja: Last words, Pythor?

Pythor: Oh-um-I-you-uh

(The Green Ninja kills him. JUust then, Lloyd wakes up!)

Lloyd: Huh! It was a dream!

(Lloyd walks down to the dining room)

Kai: Well, well, well, if it isn't little mister sleepy pants! Good dreams?

Lloyd: Great ones.

The End...

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