Riddle Sensei

Welcome everybody. I'm decided to do an extra project from just ep votes. I wanna get a LITTLE challenging, okay? Here hows it goes. First, I get a riddle, then I publish. Then, in comments, you try to guess the answer. Whoever guesses the riddle right gets FIVE extra votes for my epiosde votings, got it? Ready for the riddle? Here it goes!


There once lived a very rich man. One day, he got murdered in his house. His house was completely circular, every room, every space. A decetive came, and here are his notes from the day.

  • The son didn't do it, he was playing with his toy trucks.
  • The daughter didn't do it, she was painting the fence.
  • The chef didn't do it, he was trying to perfect a dish that, if you do one thing wrong, when you eat it, you can die.
  • The buter didn't do it, he was laughing in his study.
  • The wife dindn't do it, she was hanging the rich man's clothes.
  • The maid din't do it, she was dusting in the corner.
  • The neighbor didn't do it, he was polishing his gun.

Who did it?


The maid did it! Brianna113 was the frist to get it right so she wins!

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