(The epsiode begins with Lloyd playing at the Arcade with his friends)

Lloyd: Woo! 5,000-zilch!

Frined (name is Carl): Alright, alright, you got me, but watch let's play a different game!

Lloyd: What do you mean?

Carl: Let's play Football XD.

Friend 2 (called Mike): I have that game at home! It's my favorite!

Lloyd: Okay, let's play it. But, because it's new, I'll go easy on you guys.

(The first game they played: Lloyd was cremaed: 100 - 0)

Lloyd: Okay. It's time to crank it up a notch.

(Second game they played 150 - 0)

Lloyd: Okay, time to kick in Green NInja skills.

(Third game: 200 - 0)

Lloyd: Not fair!

Carl : Yeah it is! Haha!

(Lloyd walks up to the counter, where the manger is seated)

Manager: So, hows it going, "Green Ninja?"

Lloyd: Quiet. I'm trying to meditate myself. How come I stink at that game? I NEED to know how to play it.

Mangager (whispering): Well...

Lloyd: Yeah?

Manager: Look, there was this guy, he came rushing in. He told me he wanted to return it, I can keep the change. It was in a gold case. Guess what was in it?

(The manger ducks under the desk, and grabs the golden case. He opens the case, revealing a standered Football 101)

Manager: I wanna see you kick their butts agian. No charge.

(Lloyd grabs the disk and runs out the arcade)

5 hours later...

(At the dinner table at the Bounty)

Cole: Where is Lloyd?

Zane: He is still in his room, playing that dumb video game.

Kai: For 5 hours? Thats gotta be a new record.

Jay: No, remeber that game he was hooked on, I think it was Ninjaman? He played that nonstop for at least seven.

(Everyone laughs)

Cole (looks at watch): We had better start watching the football game. It starts at 6:00 P.M.

Jay: Ok.

(In Lloyd's room)

Lloyd: Must... beat... game.

Jay (throught the door): Lloyd, you wanna start eatching football?

Lloyd: Don't worry, I'll see the scores at half time.

1 hour later...

Lloyd: Haha! I destroyed the Thunders! Well, it's halftime, let me see the plays.

(He turns to halftime)

Announcer: Welcome to halftime! The Ninjago Ninjas completely destroyed the Thunders! 50 - nothing!

Lloyd: What a conicidense! Those are MY halftime scores!

Announcer: Let's take a look at the amazing plays! Wact as he double dips the ball!

Lloyd: Hey! I did that EXACT same play!

(Lloyd then begins to watch his same plays that he did. At first, he thinks it's all just a funny coincidense, but then... maybe there is something, umm... unateral. Maybe he's actually playing the games)

Lloyd: Haha! Well, I might as well see what see if I can control the players! Ha!

(Lloyd resumes the game, but then, instead of playing the video game, he looks at the real thing from channel 4)

Lloyd: Its like I'm controling the players!

(Lloyd rolls to the right, then the left)

Lloyd: Tuck Packer, the quarterback, is actually doing what I'm controlling!

(Lloyd hail maries to a touchdown)

Announcer: ANOTHER touchdown!

(Lloyd hears the ninja's cheers from the other room)

Lloyd: This is the best day of my life!

Announcer: Thats the end of the game, folks.

(Cole jumps throught the door)

Cole: You should have seen it! You should have seen it! It was amazing!

Jay: Can't wait till next game! This is the best game ever!

The next day...

Lloyd: I'm really nervous, I mean, I'm in conrtoll of this. I can do it. Now I know how players feel.

(Lloyd begins playing, as usaul, he picks the team the Ninjago Ninjas and their oopents for the day: The Snakes)

Lloyd: Let's do this.

(First quarter: Lloyd let the other team score)

Lloyd: It's okay, I still have another 3 quraters.

( 2nd and 3rd quarter: He let the oppenents score 2 times.)

Lloyd: How can I let this happen! 21 - 0!

( 4th quarter: Lloyd gets a feild goal)

Announcer: Aw man, looks like the ninjas didn't do so well this time. Oh well. Maybe tommoroww!

(Jay barges into the room): I don't understand! We did so well yesterday!

Zane: Are odds were in our favor...

Lloyd (to himself): Aw man, I not only let my friends down, but also Ninjago. A sickning feeling.

Lloyd (out loud): I'm going to bed.

Hour later...

(Lloyd is in bed)

Lloyd: I don't know whats wrong! Its a video game, I'm the best! How could I lose. Wait a moment...

(Lloyd lays in silence)

Lloyd: This video game isn't a blessing, its a curse! A jinx! When I lose, I let down Ninjago and my friends.

The next day...

(Back at the arcade)

Lloyd: I'd like to return this game.

Manager: Why?

Lloyd: I just wanna be a plain, old fan. Who has nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

The end...

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