Not too Young
Season 1 (Jinx Version), Episode 1
Air date May 4th 2012.
Written by SecretJinx
Directed by SecretJinx
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(Episode begins with the ninjas and Nya in the bridge, Jay comes in with a big box of stuff. He puts them down.)

Kai: Why are you hauling the big, fat, cardboard box around.

Jay: Excuse me! These are my childhood memeories! Let me tell you a story...

Cole: Here we go again.

Jay: Quiet, I'm talking. It was the summer of 83-

Cole: 1983! Wow, I didn't know you were that old, Jay.

Jay: Shut up... thats what I called it, cause that was the day I invented my first robot, Prototron. Anyway, I was in my junkyard, when I saw my dad making a gaint robot. I stared copying him. Little by little, day by day, I created the robot. Soon, I showed everyone at school and Prototron beat up the bullies, I was the most feared kid in the school, even the principle feared me...

Kai: I doubt it!

Zane: The possibility of that story is .000231% to the 50th power.

Jay: Guys, its true.

Kai: Heres a REAL childhood story. OKay, when I was little, like, 4 maybe, my dad taught me to make great weapons. One day, I was experiencing the extremly rare silver-

Zane: Silver is one of Ninjago's most mined mineral.

Kai: Quiet! Anyway, I was experimenting with it when I created a signiture sword, I called it, simply, the "Silver Sword." Ever since then, it has the become the most popular weapon in Ninjago.

Zane: I am sorry, Kai, but that is incorret. The "Little Striker" is the most popular weapon in Ninjago.

Kai: Nuh-uh. Little Strikers are much more expensive. I should know, I'm CEO of Ninjago Weapons, "Armouries are Our Home."

Zane: Kai, I have already gone through the histroy of "Ninjago Weapons" and it has no mention of "Blacksmith", "Kai," or "Child." In fact, the current CEO of "Ninjago Weapons" is Vector E. Cramp, the richest person in the world. Plus, "Armouries are our Home" isn't even the motto, it's "I'm slicing it." (In Mc'Donalds Jingle.)

Jay: Epic childhood memories holder has been flawed.

Cole: Guys, let me tell you a real story. Okay, one day, when I was 7, I saw a huge mountain, about 9,000 meters, no joke. Sorry, I rpomised myself I would get to the top, it was a long time. After one month of climbing, I wasn't even halfway. Until I met Mr. Gryphon, he was awesome. I got in his helicopter and we saw all of Ninjago from the summit. Ever since then, me and him have been tight. I have him on speed dial.

Zane: Cole, helicopters havn't been reinvented again and the only records of helicopters surround the Fangpyre. Ninjago's highest peak is 2,154 meters, so that mountain is in-exsistant.

Nya: Here, allow me to mention mine, one day, when I was 5, I was playing in the feild, when several tanks went by. Then, a man came up to me and said I could ride in a tank. I think his name was Captain Jones. Anyway, we went arond Ninjago, cruising, firing bullets a Skullkin, and stuff like that. Cool, eh?

Zane: Nya, the Skullkin are alive, but have not come to the surface at your age. Tanks, like helicopters, are not reinvented, and Ninjago City was mostly in progress: no militc vehicles allowed.

Cole: Okay then, snappy pants, whats your childhood story?

Zane (somberly): I do not have one.

Cole: Oh...


Zane: But I know what I want to name my falcon now!

Everyone: What?

Zane: LD.