(Episode begins with Fang-Suei sitting in his corridors, then Snappa comes along.)

Snappa: Have you heard?

Fang-Suei: What?

Snappa: About the Golden Candy?

Fang-Suei: Say what now?

Snappa: Look.

(He turns the page to the "The Golden Cany" article, Fang-Suei begins to read it.)

Fang-Suei (Reading the newspaper): Recently, boy genius Jay, a ninja who defnds Ninjago, created with the help of Zane, his fellow ninja friend. (Zane is rumored to robot, though this is unconfirmed). They created a new element, they called it neither Ice, nor Earth, nor Fire, or Lightining. They called it "Candy." This "candy" element was special. Why? If you just lick it, you will have eternal life, on your command, assortmants of candy will shower you. Your weapon? The lolipop. When they created it, however, they got into a fight about who would have it: One prototype was made. Eventually, Cole, a ninja, was so tired of their bickering he put the candy far away from them and erased their memoris so that they would forget all about the Golden Candy. The hunt is on.

Fang-Suei: I have to find that Golden Candy.

Snappa: Your going to leave the tribe?

Fang-Suei: I'll do what I half to.

(He dissapears, they returns with a suitcase.)

Fang-Suei: I'm going to find that golden candy if it is the last thing I do.

Snappa: You can't leave? What if the Ninja get you?

Fang-Suei: They won't! They will be FAR from the place.

Snappa: Where will you start?

Fang-Suei: The mountains. I have a feeling its there.

Snappa: Don't you want someone to come with you?

Fang-Suei: Nope.

Snappa: When will you be back?

(Fang-Suei leaves without answering. He arrives in the mountains.)

Fang-Suei: Time to start.

(He begins to search, cracks crevices. He searches without rest. The more days go on, the less people are there.)

1 month later...

(There are only 3 people left, including him. He finally comes upon a rock that is in the mountain.)

Fang-Suei: I wonder...

(He traces his hand across the rock. He forms a ginat "GC" on the rock. The rock staedily opens.)

Fang-Suei (laughing manacially):I found it! After a month of searching!

(He looks in the distance, and he sees the mountain is quite hollow, in a pool of lava. In the center, on a pedestal, is the cany. Its wrapped in a golden wrapper that reflects light so heavily that when you see it, your eyes burn. The rocky bridge to get to the pedestal in the center. It looks rickety, but do-able.)

(Fang Suei crosses the bridge made of rock. It is hot in the hollow mountain. The bridge is very long, but Fang-Suei keeps pushing. There is a beeping noise but he is too excited to check. He now arrives in the center, he climbs the pedestal, he is just about to touch it when Cole drops down from the hole in the top of the mountain.)

Cole: I can't let you do that!

Fang-Suei: You can't stop me!

Cole: Let's fight for it!

(They begin to fight. Fang-Suei draws his sword, and Cole draws his Scythe. As they duel, the place begins to erupt around them.)

Fang-Suei: I will have that Golden Candy!

Cole: Never!

(Just then, Fang-Suei strikes a blow to Cole. Cole tumbles backward, but not off the lava. Fang-Seui drops everything and runs toward the cany)

Fang-Suei: It's MINE! My quest is OVER! Haha!

(But as he tries to get the candy, the place still tumbles around them, but he stops at nothing. A rock almost misses him, but he is too excited to know it. He grabs the candy and unwraps it. He is about to eat it when just them, a boulder hits the pedastal, the candy falls out of Fang-Suie's hand. The candy hits the lava, the lava surrounding the place where the golden candy fell turns yellow.)


(A boulder hits him, and Fang-Suei runs out of the mountain. The volcano explodes, and Fang-Suei takes cover. He watches Cole in his mobile fleeing the volcano, he watches in hate.)

Fang-Suei: I shall have my revenge...

The End...

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