Weclome, users of the Ninjgo Wiki to another Epsisode Voting!


Here are the eps.

Attack of the Flying Bloodsuckers

Fangpyre's deadly mosquitos and flies infraltrate Ninjago.

Garage Sale

Cole puts up a garage sale and it attracts some unwanted buyers.

Plugged Into It

Lloyd discovers that a football video game can control the actual Ninjago football team.

The Ninjago Powers

Jay signs up for the baseball team and becomes and instant success, thanks to his Spinjitzu.

The Other Potentials?

Sensei Wu says that they have found their full potentail, but have they found their OTHER potential?

The New Guys

A new snake tribe comes to Ninjago, and Pythor finds it hard to control them.


Then deadline for voting will be on... April 16th. 3 voted per person. Enyoy! :D

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