Okay. It's me, Jinx. Its a happy "I'm still here and watching" Episode Voting. I know The Party of Awesomeness isn't published but whatever.


Golden Firearms of Spinjitzu

The ninjas trade their golden weapons for golden firearms.

Mr. Skales

Skales becomes the new teacher at Ninjago High.

Serpentine Smashers

Chokun, with the help of Snike, creates a new video game.

High Zane-ige

When Zane burns out, the ninjas go on a quest to find an appropiate power source.

Stamped to Sucsess

Kai, who has become overreactive with training, becomes a postman.


You know what to do. 4 votes per person. Voting ends June 14th. I know its short, but I'm going on a long family vacation on June 16th. I won't be here alot so, Captain or Casey, or anyone whos willking to do it, please tally the votes. Thanks!

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