Welcome to another episode voting! :)


Here are the Episodes.

Zane and the Video Game Convention

Zane goes to a video game convention to win an ultimate video game controller.

Chokun at the Dentist

Chokun's teeth are the best in the tribe. But his worst fear is the most laughable...the dentist!

Ninjago Games

The ninjas go to a arena where they fight all the ninjas in the land to THE DEATH.

My Boring Weekends

Jay becomes quite bored at the fact of low action.

Slither Pit

Lloyd challenges a hysterical Pythor to a duel at Ouroboreas.

The New Guys

A new Serpentine tribe arrives in Ninjago, and Pythor finds it hard to contain them.


Here are your episodes! Voting ends...April 10th. As usual, 3 votes per person. THREE votes. Some people only use two or one. Use the max., vote, vote! =D

Moved down the date

Okay, I was SO excited for my next fanon, the deadline will go on this MONDAY instead. I hope you enjoy! Oh, Happy Easter! :D

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