Welcome to another Episode Voting! :D


The Party of Awesomeness

Cole throws a huge party, which goes awry.

The Stowaway

The ninjas learn that a stowaway is aboard the Destiny's Bounty.

Ninjago Games

The ninjas go to the annual "Ninjago Games," where all the ninjas in the land come to compete to see which group is better.


Cole feels very uneasy when Lloyd has to take care of Rocky for one day.

I Know Why the Mechanical Bird Goes Insane

The falcon's images that are sent back are very frightning, and the ninjas find themselves scarder then usual.

The Great Devourer...Unleashed?

The ninjas fear the Great Devouror is unleashed after seeing the aftermath of a fight at Jamonikia Village.

Indian Spice

Zane becomes captive of Ninjago natives, and he learns that there culture are quite useful.


We have some great episodes here, so now, you have FOUR votes. Yes, FOUR! As usual, you may vote for any episode, anytime you want. Voting ends...April 2nd. Vote, vote. vote!


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