Let me explain...

Ok, here's how it goes. Alright, I'm going to make a list of episodes and you vote for the epsiode you want to see. I've obtained permission from an Admin to start this, by the way.

Note: All of my epsiodes are fanon, however they "take place" during, in, or between actual episodes.


Here are the episodes you may vote for.

Spitta's Drinks

Spitta goes into the drink business after he creates the ultimate beverage. But he adds his poisen for a little "texture," and little does he realize that the ninjas are watching his every move.

This episode takes place between "The Snake King," and "Tick Tock."

Nya at Ninjago High

Nya applies for a teacher job, and her fellow teachers are familiar faces.

This episode takes place between "The Snake King," and "Tick Tock."

Jay's Grades

Jay's grades take a major plaunge, and his parents threaten to kick him out of his ninja group if he doesn't hit the books.

This epsiode takes place bewteen "Tick Tock," and "Once Bitten, Twice Shy."

Pythor's Day Off

Since his fellow Serpentine plead for him to take a break, Pythor decides to take a day off, and little do the ninjas realize it.

This episode takes place between "Tick Tock," and "Once Bitten, Twice Shy."

Lloyd's Intervention

When the ninjas begin searching for the samuri, Lloyd visits the arcade, and plays his favorite arcade game, "Spaceman." When he gets the high score, the ultimate high score holder challenges him to the game.

This episode take place during "Tick Tock."


Voting is simple, just choose the episode you want. You have 3 votes, and you can use them on any episode. And I will publish it as soon as I can.

By The Way

All votes must be in by March 15, 2012. If it is a tie, I will randomly select the episode to publish.

The winner is...

Spitta's Drinks!! See the "Spitta's Drinks" episode! Go to my page, push the "blog" button and you'll see it. If you see another way, you can go there too.

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