A Brief Paragraph

Welcome! Welcome everybody to the second Episode Voting II! Hosted by none other than me: SecretJinx! I have a bunch of episodes for you, ladies and gentleman so vote, vote, vote!

Fang-Suei and the Golden Candy

After Fang-Suei hears the legen of the golden candy, he will stop at nothing to find it. Even if he leaves his tribe forever.

Ninjago News

After Zane finds the Daily Beugal unappealing, he sets out to create his own newspaper. The result is quite popular.

Fashion Show

After the deadline for the Fashion Show comes, Nya decides she has to share her Samurai X outfit in order to win.

Jay's Grades

After Jay's grades take a major plummet, Jay's parents threaten to kick him out of being a ninja if he doesn't hit the books.

The Party of Awesomeness

After everybody leaves the Destiny's Bounty for something they have to do, Cole decides to throw a party.

The Fender-Bender

Kai teaches Lloyd to how to drive a car.


You know how to vote! Three votes each!


The voting will end on March 24. Till then! Questions about voting? Just visit my talk page.

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