(Episode begins with Cole and Lloyd in the control room of the Destiny's Bounty)

Cole: So you know what what to do, right?

Lloyd: Of course!

(Lloyd pulls out the directions)

Lloyd: First, give him his food, the single-toed frog. Then, give him a warm scrub. Give him more single-toed frogs UNTIL he turns magenta, then feed him Orange Collared Vampie. Then, let him loose for an hour. If he doesn't come in your sight for 10 minutes, sound the Dragon Whistsle. Finally, use a Sleepy Ducky to put him asleep.

Cole: You follow ALL of these, got it?

Lloyd: Got it.

Cole: If he gets sick, gets injured, lost, dragon-napped, OR dies, its on your head. Now, I'm going to the Earth Club, you see, I'm an administartor there, gotta give a speech. Nya is going to a fashion show. Jay is visiting his parents. Kai is going to Ninjago City for a competition for blacksmiths, Zane is going to a video game convention, and Sensei Wu is going to go to a seminar about old people and how they can fight against gum disease.

Lloyd: can go now.

(Cole begins to walk out, he then turns around quickly)

Lloyd: What?

Cole: Start feeding him his single-toed frogs!

1 hour later...

(Lloyd is playing video games)

Lloyd: Oh yeah! Beat that you big pink monster! You can't stand the GREEN NINJA!

(Lloyd's watch begins to beep)

Lloyd: Feeding time!

(He walks onto the deck, where Rocky is chained up, but Rocky is missing)

Lloyd: Rocky? ROCKY? Where are you? Oh, you must be out for your fly time. I'll just set my watch for 10 minutes.

(Lloyd heads back upstairs to play video games)

10 minutes later...

(Lloyd heads down to the deck)

Lloyd: Rocky! Where are you? ROCKY! Come back!


Lloyd: Where could you be?

(Lloyd sighs, he then stumbles on the chain thats been holding Rocky)

Lloyd: HEY! This chain has been deliberatly cut! Something fishy is going on! I think Rocky has been dragon-napped! This looks like a job for...

5 minutes later...


(Lloyd is dressed in his Green Ninja suit)

Lloyd: Where to start this mystifing mystery?

(Lloyd looks at the distant ground. He is able to make out a green vehicle)

Lloyd: Thats a Fangpyre truck, or I'm not the Green Ninja! But how to get down...?

(Lloyd spots a parachute. He gulps)

Lloyd: Only one way down. Wait a moment!

(Lloyd runs into the control room and pushes a button with a microphone decal on it)

Female computer voice: Voice command-ON.

Lloyd: Computer, low the ship down to ground level, don't crush the Fangpyre truck!

(The ship lowers to the ground)

Lloyd: Now scan the Fangpyre truck! Tell me what it was after and who was driving it.

Female voice: The vehicle was after a sterophylus dragonis or a "dragon." I cannot trace the speciman driving the vehicle, but there are traces on snake found on it.

Lloyd: Snakes! Are they Fangpyre?

Female voice: Obviusly.

Lloyd: Was it carrying any cargo?

Female voice: No. But, it had a vertabrate with it. A crytaloin duckis, more commenly called a "Sleepy Duck."

Lloyd: Why was it abandoned?

Female voice: Low fuel.

Lloyd: One more question, are you a boy or a girl?

Female voice: I was not assigned a gender.

Lloyd: Ok?

(He bigns to leave)

Lloyd (shouting): Turn on the auto defense mechanism!

(Lloyd hears a voice, but is unable to make it out)

Lloyd: If my hunch is correct, the Fangpyre tried to lured Rocky with Sleepy Duck, to put him asleep, he then cut the rope, he was about to load it on the truck but it was low on then what?

(Lloyd looks around. He is in the desert wastelenad. Just then, he is remided of something)

Lloyd: Ourobeoes! The Fangpyre took Rocky to Ouroboreas! Maybe.

Lloyd: Ouroboreas is that way! I'll make my way there!

(He begins to trek that way)

1 hour later...

(Lloyd arrives in Ourobeares, and it's empty.)

Lloyd: They must have been scared off, my ninja power made them tremble with fear!

(He makes his way inside. He sees Rocky chained up to the center)

Lloyd: Rocky!

(He runs to Rocky who is sleeping, just then, he is caught in a trap. They trap him in a small trap, then they reales them)

Snake: Well, well, well. Cole, Cole, Cole, I knew I would find you!

Lloyd: I'm not Cole! I'm Lloyd! The destined Green Ninja! Cole is making a speech! Who are you?

Snake: I am Fang-Suei! Cole destroyed my chance of finding the Golden Candy, so I decided to take my revenge! Now I see that you are a weakling, I will destroy you!

(The cage drops, and he is dropped on the dusty ground, Fang Seui jumps down to the ground, weilding a sword. The Serpentine crown the room to watch, chanting, "Slither Pit! Slither Pit!" A bowie knife is tossed down to him)

Lloyd (looking at the knife in disgust): Really?

(Fang-Suei jumps on to him and begins to duel him. Lloyd just blocks him. Finally, Fang-Suei overpowers the little knife and pins him down. Lloyd squirms.)

Fang-Suei: Resistance is dumb!

(Just then, Rocky zooms toward Fang-Seui and knocks him out of the way. He swoops up and picks up Lloyd, and they head toward the Destiny's Bounty. They land on the deck.)

Lloyd: Thank, boy. I knew you'd come through.

Lloyd: Computing! Return to original flying state!

(The Destiny's Bounty raises in height)

Lloyd: Here, all the single-toad thingymabobs you want!

(Just then, Cole and the others arrive)

Cole: Is Rocky okay?

Lloyd: He's fine!

Cole: Why are you in your Green Ninja suit.

Lloyd: I'd better explain. Later, though, I'm hungry! Did any of you stop by McKhans for some dinner?

(End of "Dragon Sitting.")

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