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  • SecretJinx

    Episode Voting IX

    June 12, 2012 by SecretJinx

    Okay. It's me, Jinx. Its a happy "I'm still here and watching" Episode Voting. I know The Party of Awesomeness isn't published but whatever.

    The ninjas trade their golden weapons for golden firearms.

    Skales becomes the new teacher at Ninjago High.

    Chokun, with the help of Snike, creates a new video game.

    When Zane burns out, the ninjas go on a quest to find an appropiate power source.

    Kai, who has become overreactive with training, becomes a postman.

    You know what to do. 4 votes per person. Voting ends June 14th. I know its short, but I'm going on a long family vacation on June 16th. I won't be here alot so, Captain or Casey, or anyone whos willking to do it, please tally the votes. Thanks!

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  • SecretJinx

    This is the reson I'm leaving:

    • Vector's leaving.

    Yes. Of all things I may have done here, Vec was my VERY close friend. If he leaves, so am I. I find no reason to stay. You were all amazing.

    Well, this is it. But I have my final request:

    I hope that CaptainJones123 stays and becomes an Admin in place for me.



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  • SecretJinx

    Riddle Sensei IV

    May 11, 2012 by SecretJinx

    Okay, heres a new riddle to bust your brains!

    A long time ago, on the island of Riven, tribal people lived peacefully however, they were very supersticious. One day, a boy was walking toward the amazing beach. Suddenly... strong winds envaloped the area, it began to rain, hard. When the boy returned to the village, everyone was dead. The boy looked into the sky and saw the moon dissapered behind the sun. The winds were howling and rain was pouring... what did the boy see when he looked in the sky? Why had everyone been killed?

    The answer will come out soon.

    Winner: No one yet.

    Prize Usual, 6 votes for voting.

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  • SecretJinx

    Dear friends, and allies of this great wiki. We have lost a most valueable user. His username is Vector E. Cramp. He was an upbeat and wise friend. A a trusted avisor. He saw things clear as crystal in a situation, and he had a vast knowledge of wiki feature usage. This day, May 6th, I will commerate to you, Vector. What can I say aout him? He was AMAZING. Spectacular. He fought hard for this wiki, I did, too, but, he was strongest. I can say that Vector will be missed by all... indeed. Post below your comments what you thought of this amazing user. I bid you my final goodbye.

    We are pleased to inform you that Vector is returning. He will just need to finish up some Templates on the LU wiki, but will return fully by Wensday, May 9th.

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  • SecretJinx

    Riddle Sensei III

    May 5, 2012 by SecretJinx

    Welcome, young riddle answerers.

    You come to a fork in the road you are traveling on. You know one road leads to a city where people tell the truth and on the other side, a city where people tell nothing but lies. There is a man almost exactly where the fork splits except an inch to the left. You want to try to get to the truth city. As you stare at the man, he smiles a malice smile, then taps his foot to the left, indicating "left." Where do you go? Why?

    The answer comes out very soon... ta-ta!

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