Hi everybody! Here are my rankings....of the ninjas of course, i am going to do a ghost warrior one next! 6. Nya never really liked her, so...... 5. Kai This guy has a bad temper, have jealousy, but he does make a good friend, sometimes... but the negative outweigh the positive 4. Cold Cole This guy is mean! Sure he has some good times, but still, moving on! Final 3, Zane, Lloyd, and Jay! I honestly like all these 3 but 3. Zane, one of my favorites, but still not as good as Jay or Lloyd! 2. Jay A good character, not the best, but not the worst, either! 1. Lloyd OMG this guys is like the king! I really like this guy, has positive speaking, and he has lots of fun times

5th place Kai!


4th place, but still ok i guess Cole!!!


3rd place Zane!!


one of ze best, Jay! (note: he is 2nd place!

Master Lloyd

lloyd aka king, winner! 1st place!!

! So that is my blog hope you enjoyed it!
Nya stage 1

6th place! Nya

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