Yes, that title is very long and pointless. Please, don't rub it in.

This is really just a reminder for the Youtube channel that the wiki made about a month ago... (Yes, it's really long, considering the amount of lazy and apathetic work we've put in it... :P )

Back on my point, we've added (NOT stolen) some soundtracks from Jay Vincent's official website. If you don't know who Jay Vincent is, it really means that you don't pay any attention to the people behind the making of Ninjago... (or it means that you're obliviously inattentive and unintelligent)

Here's a link to check it out, if you haven't already. The channel was created by MisterGryphon, so acknowledge him if you see him. (DISCLAIMER: NO, this is NOT ADVERTISING SPAM, or such, because this channel is OFFICIALLY endorsed and authorized by OFFICIAL Ninjago wiki personnel, and not by some strange, foul-odorous man in glasses. :P)

Also, there's more than the Youtube channel that I want to talk about... (wait, he's not done talking, yet?!)

You see, a majority of users have been adding a lot of unnecessary stuff that aren't really needed, and if you see anything that's too unfinished, or it's already stated, please do everyone a favor and remove it. There's no need to reword anything if it's already stated somewhere...

Well, I'm done this blog now. You may now resume to do whatever you're doing, and I'm gonna do whatever I was doing... oh, and by the way, if you read all of that without skipping a single word, you have impressed me by an expansive margin.

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