• Prototron

    Important news!

    November 25, 2012 by Prototron

    This is something I need to announce to everyone.

    Apparently, has made sockpuppets in order to vandalize the wiki. It is apparent that has made so many sockpuppets, that you can't even count all of them. I've discussed this with the staff, and we've come to the conclusion that will be globally blocked.

    I hope you enjoyed your first prank blog.

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  • Prototron

    This is another blog post...

    September 15, 2012 by Prototron

    Okay, it's me again. Recently, there have been a vast amount of "idlers" and "spammers" that appeared on the chat. This is considered fine, right? No, it isn't. You see, if you're just going to stand in the chat and roleplay, or spam, or ask a bunch of stupid/unintelligent questions when you had done no edits whatsoever, that's not fine.

    The strange thing is that most of these new users always come from the CP (Club Penguin) wiki, and not to be overly-suspicious, but is this some sort of new attack from the CP wiki? Even if it is, just consider how stressful and time-wasting it is to watch over the chat all day. Consider every hour we've used for monitoring the wiki, and making it what it is today. If you're just here to edit, that's fine. If …

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  • Prototron

    Yes, that title is very long and pointless. Please, don't rub it in.

    This is really just a reminder for the Youtube channel that the wiki made about a month ago... (Yes, it's really long, considering the amount of lazy and apathetic work we've put in it... :P )

    Back on my point, we've added (NOT stolen) some soundtracks from Jay Vincent's official website. If you don't know who Jay Vincent is, it really means that you don't pay any attention to the people behind the making of Ninjago... (or it means that you're obliviously inattentive and unintelligent)

    Here's a link to check it out, if you haven't already. The channel was created by MisterGryphon, so acknowledge him if you see him. (DISCLAIMER: NO, this is NOT ADVERTISING SPAM, or such, because t…

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  • Prototron

    In the olden times, LEGO people could speak English, just like you and me. There was a lovely enchanted forest that flourished with a bunch of these magical people. One day, a Minifig was relaxing by a tree. All of a sudden, he noticed a Brick sitting near him.

    The Minifig, being magical and all, told the brick, "Um, hi." The brick could speak English too.

    "I challenge you to a race! Whoever makes it across the forest and back first wins a gigantic plate of ridiculously delicious homemade spaghetti! And a lifetime's supply of Ninjago sets!" The Minifig looked at the brick strangely, but agreed to the race.

    The next day, the competition was coming into play. All the Minifigures in the forest (but not the bricks, for bricks are immobile) arrang…

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