In a new episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu things take a new twist. I need to talk about the whole Green Ninja thing first.

The Matter

Green Ninja

185px-Green ninja ep 1

"One ninja will rise above the others, and become, the Green Ninja."

In the first episode of Season 2 of Ninjago the Ninjas found a scroll detailing about one of them rising above the other three and becoming the most powerful of all the Ninjas, the Green Ninja and will also fight and destroy Lord Garmadon.

All four Ninja claim it's them in just about all the episodes, however Sensei Wu tells the group that none of them are ready to be the Green Ninja. And not even he knew who it is, another red herring was thought up by Sensei Wu, Kai's younger sister, Nya.

The Dream

As one would recall in Season 2, episode 4 "Never Trust a Snake", Zane had a dream showing the Green Ninja fighting Lord Garmadon on the Ninja's flying boat, the Destiny's Bounty. As one would recall, nobody knows who the Green Ninja is, so we don't have many close ups to the Green Ninja's face.

Gallery of the fight

Revelation of the Green Ninja

File:Revelation ep 10.png

In the 10th episode of Season 2 called "The Green Ninja", the team manages to save Lloyd from Pythor, and using the Golden Weapons it's revealed that Lloyd is the Green Ninja.

This means that Lloyd will have to fight and kill his father, Lord Garmadon.

New Adventures


"Go, Ninja, GO!"

At the end of Season 2, the Ninja told Lloyd that they'll train him.

Lloyd learning Spinjitzu

Lloyd's Spinjitzu

"Ninja, GO!"

The Ninjas end up having to fight some pirates, but the other Ninjas didn't want Lloyd to help, then Lloyd helps them, and during this Lloyd learns how to use Spinjitzu.

Growing Older

Ninjas with older Lloyd

Older Lloyd

Green Ninja comic

Green Ninja comic

Lord Garamadon reversed the ages of the main Ninjas, and turned a dinosaur back to life and the Ninjas' weapons are taken. They manage to contact Lloyd, and Lloyd gets info on how to stop the dinosaur. However the dinosaur finds the five Ninja and then they get attacked and almost get killed.

At the last minute, Nya and Sensei Wu, arrive with something to fix the Ninjas, however, Lloyd is around the Ninjas and would be brought to around the same age as the other Ninjas, however Lloyd doesn't care.

Then Sensei Wu says that Lloyd's destiny is coming closer, and Lloyd says "I'm ready!"


Is Zane's dream connected to the future of the show?