Summary of "The Last Hope"

The Ninja go over the remaining scrolls Misako has of the Green Ninja and learn about the Celestial Clock's countdown and about the Helm of Shadows. Misako and the others think that if they can get the Helm back on the pedestal they can stop the final battle. The Main four Ninja head over disguised as Stone Warriors and they bring Misako back to Garmadon's base camp. Garmadon meets up with Misako for the first time, since Lloyd was born. The two briefly talk and Misako takes the Helm of Shadows. However the Ninja run out of time and the Final Battle will commence...

Summary of "Return of the Overlord"

Nya is brought back to Garmadon's base camp and Garmadon uses Dark Matter on her to turn her against the Ninja, while the group continues to try to find Garmadon and stop him! They group are attacked by Nya, the Ninja buy some time while Misako, Sensei Wu and Lloyd go to find Garmadon. Meanwhile The Overlord uses Garmadon to retake a physical form and then he opens a portal to Ninjago City and takes the Stone Army (and Nya) and heads for Ninjago City. The episode ends with Sensei Wu says "The Final Battle Has Begun."

Summary of "The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master"

After the last episode, Lloyd suffers from a leg injury and the Ninja seem to have given up, but Lloyd says that's not what the First Spinjitzu Master would do nor should they do it! The Ninja head back for the Temple of Light and find a Golden Mecha that the First Spinjitzu Master used when originally fighting the Overlord. The group uses that and the Ultra Dragon to get back to Ninjago City to find in ruins. The Overlord has somehow made everyone (save for Dareth) under his control kinda like Nya. Lloyd and the other Ninja begin to fight the Stone Warriors, but part of the Golden Mecha's right arm falls off! The Ninja try to fight the Storne Army off. Misako realizes it's the Helm of Shadows that control the Stone Army so they try to get the helmet, but Dareth gets it first and ends up controlling the Stone Army. Allowing the Ninja to get past the Overlord's forces. However, Cole gets hit with a blast and turns on the other Ninja, the same happens to Jay. Zane stays behind to fight the two off. Kai and Lloyd then bump into Nya who tells them Lloyd has no chance with his injury, but Lloyd moves forward anyway. Lloyd then does a face-to-face with the Overlord who has mutated back to his original form which is a Giant Black Dragon! Wow. Lloyd charges up his powers and both Sensei Wu and Misako look on in amazement. "He's become the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master!" Misako exclaims. "This is the Final Battle!" Sensei Wu tells the others. "I have become the Ultimate Spinjtizu Master!" Lloyd says with his Green Ninja suit, now gold! Lloyd and the Overlord begin to fight and the Overlord manages to chomp down on Lloyd but he uses his powers and destroys the Overlord! Presumably sacrificing his father, but everyone who was corrupted (Nya, Cole and Jay) is restored back to normal (does this make Nya lose her Spinjitzu Powers?) and Misako tells Lloyd that she and Sensei Wu will miss Garmadon, before he emerges from some rubble, the explosion removing all traces' of the Great Devourer's venom from him restoring him to good. The Ninja say even though the Overlord is gone, their maybe another problem again, and they'll be ready for it! The episode ends with the Ninja, Nya, Sensei Wu, Misako, Dr. Julien and Garmadon looking at a beautiful sunrise.