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    November 3, 2012 by Pikatwig

    The Ninja go over the remaining scrolls Misako has of the Green Ninja and learn about the Celestial Clock's countdown and about the Helm of Shadows. Misako and the others think that if they can get the Helm back on the pedestal they can stop the final battle. The Main four Ninja head over disguised as Stone Warriors and they bring Misako back to Garmadon's base camp. Garmadon meets up with Misako for the first time, since Lloyd was born. The two briefly talk and Misako takes the Helm of Shadows. However the Ninja run out of time and the Final Battle will commence...

    Nya is brought back to Garmadon's base camp and Garmadon uses Dark Matter on her to turn her against the Ninja, while the group continues to try to find Garmadon and stop him! T…

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  • Pikatwig

    In a new episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu things take a new twist. I need to talk about the whole Green Ninja thing first.

    In the first episode of Season 2 of Ninjago the Ninjas found a scroll detailing about one of them rising above the other three and becoming the most powerful of all the Ninjas, the Green Ninja and will also fight and destroy Lord Garmadon.

    All four Ninja claim it's them in just about all the episodes, however Sensei Wu tells the group that none of them are ready to be the Green Ninja. And not even he knew who it is, another red herring was thought up by Sensei Wu, Kai's younger sister, Nya.

    As one would recall in Season 2, episode 4 "Never Trust a Snake", Zane had a dream showing the Green Ninja fighting Lord Garmadon…

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