So guys I'm really impatient here (Other people too) to find out what the plot to season 7 is. Especially since it's not coming out until August/September. First let's look at the facts.

Special Weapons of this season:

Ghostly Green Elemnetal Blade on black hilt Ghostly Green Jade Blade on a black hilt Ghostly Green Aeroblade attached to a ghostly green chain that is stacked to a black hilt Ghostly Green Unknown Skulkin Weapon on a black hilt Ghostly Green Technoblade on a green chain on a hilt Ghostly Green Serpentine Staff on a black hilt

Hmmmm very interesting.... Maybe these weapons are possibly used to resurrect villains?.

Special Main Object: Sensei Yang's Lamp (A transparent green lamp with a black dragon imprinted in the center of it. Note that the dragon looks similar to the dragon on Garmadon's robes when he was a teenager. It also looked like the dragon on the back of Wu's black kimono robes).

Possible Main Villain: Sensei Yang

Notes: Cole is the main character and he looks half human, half ghost with a green cut on his head.

Hints to this season in the previous season: In the junkyard that contained destiny's bounty for a time in Skybound, Garmatron could be seen in the background. Pat the beginning of the first episode of Skybound, Samukai and a group of other skeletons were seen, although they weren't real. Since many of these villains come from the past, they may have come from Jay's last wish at the end of episode 64.