So I'm quite confused. I know Yang is going to bring the villains back but how?!. Are the Ninja gonna go back in time and fight them? Or are they going to fight the statue of the villains at the new museum? Is that what Yang's lantern is for?! And what are the weapons the villains have?!, comon' guys! Let's put our heads together and fire this out!. Clues:

1. New Exhibit at Ninjago Museum Of History with statues of past villains with their respective weapons of that season.

2. Transparent green weapons of the seasons 2, 3, 4, and five 5, and the pilot episodes.

3. Yang is leading them

4. Green transparent lantern with a black dragon, somewhat like the dragon on the back of Sensei Wu on the lantern.

5. On one of the Wu Cru missions it says the Ninja may have to retrace their steps (As in going back in time)

6. Words on the fall 2016 poster that say "Time to close the circle".

7. Strange moon in the sky of the fall 2016 poster that looks similar to the yin and yang shape of Ninjago

8. Cole has a green scar on his forehead and on one of the new minifigs his arms are transparent gray but the rest of his body is normal

9. Cole in some of the set commercials and on one of the poster seems to have a new earthly power.