aka Olive

  • I live in Ninjago city
  • My occupation is fangirl. XD and a ninja in my spare time
  • I am a girl
  • Olivethefangirl

    Whe I first found out about the ninjago movie they were making, I was horrified. They looked terrible! what in the world were they thinking??? and when I found out about changed personalities, I was even more disgusted. But I got used to it. I got more used to the idea, and I realized that I was slightly curious. I mean, Garmadon has always been my favorite villain, and here he was! though why he was using sharks, I had no idea. Well, I got more used to it, since I spotted them somewhere online almost every day. I got used to how they look, though I still like the show looks better, and I started tolerating the new personalities. The second trailer came out, and I realized that I'm completely hooked. I'm not quite ready to tell my siblings …

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