( Episode begins with Cole training in The Forest of Tranquility)

Cole: Woo-hoo! Another bulls eye!

( Suddenly, Cole hears a mysterious noise coming from the east)

Cole: Huh? Whats that?

( It sounded like some low moans and hissing)

Cole: Sounds like someone is hurt, I'll need to aid them...or maybe...

( He listened closely, now he heard hissing)

Cole: Snakes! I must stop them!

( He ran towards the sound, when he stopped he hid behind a tree and listened)

Snake #1: Sssssso why are we here again?

Snake #2: You fool! We're here because Pythor said he saw one of the ninja come here...alone, I think he wants us to catch him.

( Cole gasps, but then stays quiet)

Snake #3: Ssssssshhhhhhh! I think I heard ssssssomething! Wait here...

( The snake disappeared, but as Cole was about to leave, he got caught by the snake, the snake shut him up)

Cole: Mmmmmm! Mmmm!

Snake #3: Whats that? I cant quite hear you, heehee hee....

( The snake ties Cole arms behind his back, and puts tape on his mouth so he doesnt talk)

Snake #1: Great! now how do we get back?

Snake #2: Easy...(he presses a button on a remote and the Rattlecopter appears)

Snake #3: Lets go boys!

( The snakes leave with Cole tied up, but they leave one crucial evidence behind: Cole's black hood)

( Just then the ninja will realize Cole's disappearence and go looking for them, so meanwhile in the Bounty..)

Jay: Yes!!! A new highscore! Alright, Kai. Pay up.

( Kai grunts and hands Jay 5 bucks)

Zane: Hey, has anyone seen Cole? He hasnt been home for at least, 10 hours.

Kai: Hey your right. Oh, I remember, he went to train, in The Forest of Tranquility.

Jay: Well, yeah, but he said it would take 10 minutes.

Zane: I fear something terrible has happened to him, come on guys.

( So the three ninja all head to The Forest of Tranquility to see what happened to their friend)

Jay: I see no one.

Kai: Me neider, maybe, just maybe he went somewhere else?

Zane: Or maybe, he got taken?

( Jay spots something attached to a tree)

Jay: Ummm, guys?

Kai and Zane: What?

Jay: I dont Cole has gone anywhere else...

( Kai and Zane see Cole's hood attached to the tree bark)

Kai: Oh, no! This is bad!

Zane: I was right he got taken.

Jay: Yeah, but by who, and where did he get taken?

( The answer to Jay's queshtion was farther then they thought, very far away, was Cole locked away inside the Caves of Despair)

Cole: Hey! Let me out!

Pythor: Not a chance! Good work boys! Now that we have the leader in hostage, the other ninja will have no plan of attack!

Snake #1: Yessss, but ssssssir, what are you going to do with him?

Pythor: I'll tell you later in The City of Ourebourus, so HE will not find out, got it?

( The snakes bow and leave)

Cole: Alright Pythor, if this is one of your latest plans...its not going to work! My friends are going to-

Pythor: Your friends? ( laughing) I'll have someone to take care of those three, just you wait...Bwaaaahaaahaa!

( Pyhtor left, and Cole was concerned that his friends...were in terrible danger)

( Meanwhile, in the forest...)

Jay: But are we going to do?!? If Cole got captured by Pythor and the serpentine that would mean-

Zane: That he would already be in danger, perhaps we need to alert Sensei about this...

Kai: Yeah, and when he finds out why it happened, we'll be leaving, no we need to solve this, where do we start?

Jay: What?!? I thought you knew!!!

Kai: No! I said that we need to solve it our-

Zane: ENOUGH!!!!!

( Jay and and Kai stared in shock)

Zane: We need to find Cole quickly, lets not waste it arguing, we will start in The Mountain of a Million Steps, and if he's not there, we'll search somewhere else...lets go.

( The three ninja nodded in agreement and followed Zane to the large mountain, while Cole remained in hostage)

( Nearby, in The City of Ourebourus...)

Pythor: So, give me idea's on what we can do with the leader, any ideas, none could be dumb.

Snake #1: We could, throw him in lava?

Pythor: That is the dumbest idea I've ever heard off, anyone else?

Snake #2: We could, trap him?

Pythor: ( Grunts) We already did that!

Snake #3: I know! We could feed him to the Kraken!

Pythor: Brilliant! Now, which ways the creature?

Snakes: 0_o

( Meanwhile, the ninja arrive at The Mountain of a Million steps, they climb off their vehicles which turn back into their weapons, then they start climbing)

Jay: This would have been easier if this mountain wasnt so steep!

Zane: Just keep climbing, we're almost there...

( At the top, the ninja all make their way inside the mountain, inside its dark, but Zane lights a torch that makes the cave brighter)

Zane: I remember the first time I came here, a constrictai choked me and Cole....

Kai: Really? Well, lets think about that later and try to find him!!!

Jay: I dont think he's here, all I see are just holes on the ground.

Zane: Holes? Wait, a minute, maybe one of them could lead to where Cole is being kept, lets split up into each of them...

( So the three ninja all each went into the three holes, leading to three different places)

( The first one which Zane took, lead to The City of Oureborus, he was surrounded by snakes)

Zane: Uh-oh..

Snakes: GET HIM!!!!

( Zane ran as fast as he could as the snakes were right at his tail, he threw his Shurikens straight for a snake drinking something)

Snake: MY COFFEE!!!!!

( Zane went back into the hole and found himself back inside the mountain)

Zane: That was close..guess I'll go through the second one with Kai.

( So Zane went in with Kai who seemed to appear in The Birchwood Forest)

Kai: Really? Why do I always get to go to the cold places!

Zane: I remember this place, its the place when I found out I was a Nindroid.

Kai: Yeah,yeah,yeah. Nice, anyway, can we go now? I'm freezing!

( So Zane and Kai went back to The Mountains of a Million Steps, while Jay was still in his hole, turns out the third one was the right one, for he appeared in the Caves of Despair)

Cole: Ughhhh! Man, my friends are in terrible trouble and I cant even get out!

Jay: Cole? Is that you?

Cole: Jay?

Jay: Cole! It is you!

Cole: Jay!

( Jay ran towrads Cole and hugged him)

Jay: Where were you?

Cole: I got captured by Pythor, he plans on doing something to me, but it seems he's late.

Jay: Well thats a relief! Me and the others were looking for you, wait where are the others?

( Cole shrugged, instantly the ground begn to shake rapidly)

Jay: Whats going on?

Cole: I dont know!

( Then the wind began to blow and the caves ripped apart, Cole was picked up by the high winds, but Jay held him tight)

Jay: Hold on!

( Then Pythor appeared on a Rattlecopter)

Pythor: Hope you like it! Bwahhahahaah!

( Just then, the Kraken, a monster with 5 heads emerged from the rubble and roarred loudly then ever, just then Kai and Zane appeared)

Kai: Thats a big monster!

Zane: We need to find a way to deafeat that thing!

( Suddenly the Kraken headed straight for Cole)

Jay: RUNNNN!!!!!

( The ninja ran away from the monster, but it was as fast as them)

Jay: There has to be a way to defeat that thing!

( A few inches away, Cole could see a crystal sword)

Cole: Keep it distracted! I'll try to get it with the sword!

Jay: You'll get killed!

Cole: Just do it!

( Jay Zane and Kai distracted the monster while Cole slipped away and grabbed the sword)

( He jumped up and balnced himself on top of the monsters middle head, it roarred, Cole placed the sword on its head)

Cole: This ends now!

( Cole killed the creature, and just then Cole woke up)

Cole: Gah! What a nightmare!

Zane: Cole! Whats wrong? I heard you screaming.

Cole: Just a dream.

Zane: What was the dream?

Cole: You dont want to know...

The End

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